Custom Home and Live-In Garage

Glasgow, VA

This one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art garage and living space is located in Glasgow, Virginia. The space was intended to be used primarily as storage space, with motor homes and vehicles on the bottom floor and antique cars and motorcycles on the top floor, with a back wing for living space. The garage space is equipped with a vehicle elevator and is built structurally to be able to drive around safely on the top floor. The back wing features a large, fully equipped kitchen and entertaining room on the ground floor with several guest bedrooms on the top floor.This 13,000 square foot project was custom designed for safety, function, and aesthetics. Metal fire doors were installed between the garage and back wing; this was required by code to keep the living areas as safe as possible. The doors are temperature sensored to close automatically in the event of a fire. Fabral custom color Hemlock Green was used to complete the structure.Metal was the ideal choice for its beauty, durability, and excellent safety ratings. Metal roofing played a key role in the safety requirements of the structure. Fabral metal roofing has a Class A fire rating and it will not contribute to a fire like traditional roofing materials. In addition, in the event of a fire, floating embers that fall on a metal roof will not ignite and spread the fire.The 40,000 square foot main house, separate from the garage and guest living space, is scheduled to be started spring of 2015.

Project Details:

  • 13,000 square feet of metal roofing
  • 26 gauge 1″ double locked standing seam panels
  • Custom Color Hemlock Green
  • Installer: McCarty Roofing, Inc.





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