Kennesaw State University Women’s Soccer Stadium

Kennesaw State University Women’s Soccer Stadium
Kennesaw, Georgia


Thhe largest women’s-only soccer stadium in the world, the Kennesaw State University Women’s Soccer Stadium boldly displays team pride with custom-matched Kennesaw Gold finished metal panels. Fabral custom color option, showcased across the exterior, were expertly matched to the school’s mascot. The 16,000 square foot stadium was constructed using Fabral Thin Seam and 4″ Rib panels.

Fabral custom colors were expertly matched to the university’s mascot providing a one-of-a-kind finish. Rosetti Architects incorporated a geometric shape to the roof using Fabral Thin Seam panels, paying homage to the surrounding mountain range.

Project Details

  • 16,000 square foot facility and 8.59 acres, considered the largest of its kind
  • Fabral Thin Seam and 4″ rib panels created durability and interest in design
  • Fabral custom color offering expertly matched metal palette to the university’s logo showcasing the university’s identity


Product Details


4″ Rib  is a heavy duty panel primed for heavy industrial and architectural applications.

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Thin Seam, a snap together panel for easy installation with no mechanical seaming tools required, is ideal for installation over solid substrate and open framing.

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Color Details

Using Fabral custom color offerings, the university’s logo, in Custom Kennesaw University Gold and Custom Kennesaw University Black, was expertly matched creating a design that is unique and memorable.

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