Lady Bird Johnson Middle School

Lady Bird Johnson Middle School
Irving, Texas

As the largest Net Zero school in the USA, Lady Bird Johnson Middle School produces more energy than it consumes over a 12-month period. Fabral products played a key role in the building’s sustainability and function. Corgan Associates applied more than 72,000 square feet of Fabral metal to the roof, walls, and a system of sun shades and light shelves. The school has been LEED Gold certified by the United States Green Building Council. A large canopy wraps around the building to block the hot Texas sun from passing through classroom windows while still allowing natural lighting. On the building itself, high-efficiency glazing and the increased insulation from the Fabral metal envelope helps the building to stay tightly insulated from outside elements.Project Details


  • Largest Net Zero school in the country
  • First Net Zero middle school
  • First Net Zero public school in Texas
  • 152,000 square foot facility servicing over 900 students
  • Architect – Corgan Associates
  • Installer – Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems, Inc

Color Details

Fabral standard color Bright Silver was strategically chosen for its reflective properties, helping to reduce heat absorption and enhancing energy efficiency.

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Product Details


Thin Seam, a snap together panel for easy installation with no mechanical seaming tools required, is ideal for installation over solid substrate and open framing.

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V Beam, a striking panel design that boasts excellent strength and spanning capabilities, is ideal for dramatic wall and roof applications.

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Select Series 12 R-2 is a concealed fastener, flush panel that is suited for monolithic walls, equipment screens, fascia and soffit applications.

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