SunTrust Park

Home of the Atlanta Braves

Since April 2017, SunTrust Park has been the home of the Atlanta Braves when the decision was made to build a new and improved home for the beloved baseball team.

The architects on the project had difficulty with a composite material they had originally spec’d for the soffit panels in the stadium, and they were determined to use aluminum in the project since it was a high-profile job. The architects liked Fabral’s capabilities and willingness to push innovative design, so they chose Fabral’s solution of a custom Rusty Cherry wood-grain Select Series 12 aluminum panel. Once the decision was made to use Fabral, the architects used Fabral’s roofing and wall systems for many other parts of the project.

Fabral provided the building materials for many parts of the ballpark, including the scoreboard, the Coors Light Chop House, the famous Holman and Finch Burger, and the Comcast regional headquarters building overlooking the ballpark. For the Comcast headquarters, Thin Seam metal wall panels with stiffening ribs and Décor Flush soffit panels were used, both in custom Cosmic Gray finish. The architects specifically chose Thin Seam for a wall panel in their design.

The Braves Scoreboard boasts smooth Select Series 12 wall panels in Cosmic Gray, and the famous Holman and Finch burger restaurant displays Select Series 12 soffit panels in Rusty Cherry and Thin Seam wall panels in Cosmic Gray. The Coors Light Chop House used Fabral’s Décor Flush soffit panels in both Rusty Cherry and Cosmic Gray.

The stadium’s design inspires a true sense of pride for America’s beloved game. Fabral hit it out of the park with their colors, capabilities, and service. Now all there’s left to do is to… Play Ball!

Project Details:

  • Project location: Atlanta, GA
  • 35,000 sq. ft.
  • Material: Select Series 12, Décor Flush, Thin Seam
  • Finish: Rusty Cherry and Cosmic Gray
  • Architect: Populus



Product Details:

Select Series 12

Décor Flush

Thin Seam