Wildwood San Marcos Apartments

Wildwood San Marcos Apartments
San Marcos, TX

The Wildwood San Marcos Apartments are a modern option for off-campus housing.  Fully furnished, pet-friendly units offer all-inclusive leases to students. With utilities included in the lease agreement students have less hassle to worry about. The apartments come with special amenities including a wi-fi café, pool, private security, and electronic key systems that provides a record log of uses for security.


The concept began as an in-house project from Designed to Build, a design and developing firm based in Athens, GA. Wanting a dynamic look different from the typical siding and masonry options in the area, Designed to Build made the decision to incorporate metal.  Fabral was chosen as the metal manufacturer and provided the 7/8” Corrugated panels and Décor Flush in Galvalume Plus and Charcoal to match the look the architect wanted to achieve. The urban contemporary exterior veneers and canopy awnings were designed to create a smooth, clean look and increase curb appeal.

Tommy Hedges, formerly of Designed to Build, praised the customer support at Fabral, “This was our first time working with Fabral. We had unusual requests but our sales rep, Brian Selig, was helpful in connecting us to the right people and making sure we got the materials we needed. The reception to the project has been fantastic”.

Project Details

  • Products Used: 7/8″ Corrugated and Décor Flush
  • Products Color: Galvalume Plus and Charcoal
  • Installer: Designed to Build, LLC
  • Distributor: CSM Products and Solutions
  • Manufacturer: Fabral



Product Details

7/8″ Corrugated is an economical and versatile wall or roof panel with bold design appeal.

To review 7/8″ Corrugated spec files, click here

Décor Flush is an attractive concealed fastener system ideal for soffit, fascia, and vertical wall applications.


To review Décor Flush spec files, click here

Color Details

Fabral colors Galvalume Plus and Charcoal were chosen for the walls.

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