Mighti Rib Details – Isometric View


Visit the submittal builder to download one zip file with all needed spec files:  test data, warranty, bulletins, and details.

For full PDF file, click here and for full AutoCAD DWG file,  click here

vented gable Vented Gable   eave Eave   box eave Boxed Eave   vented eave Vented Eave
ridge-peak Ridge / Peak   vented ridge Vented Ridge / Peak   alt vented ridge Alternate Vented Ridge / Peak   gable Gable
flying gable Flying Gable   endwall Endwall   sidewall Sidewall   valley Valley
gambrel Gambrel   transition Transition   monoslope ridge Monoslope Ridge   outside corner Outside Corner
inside corner Inside Corner   base guard Base Guard
  door jamb Door Jamb   overhead door jamb Overhead Door Jamb
door header Door Header   sliding door jamb Sliding Door Jamb   sliding door header Sliding Door Header   sliding door base Sliding Door Base
translucent panel Translucent Panel   window sill Window Sill   window header Window Header   window jamb Window Jamb  
dormer valley Dormer Valley   pipe boot Pipe Boot   skylight a-a Skylight A-A   skylight b-b Skylight B-B  
chinmey sidewall Chimney Sidewall   chinmey endwall Chimney Endwall   skylight Skylight