Slim Seam Details – Section View


Visit the submittal builder to download one zip file with all needed spec files:  test data, warranty, bulletins, and details.

For full PDF file, click here and for full AutoCAD DWG file, click here

fixed ridgeFixed Hip – Ridge   vented ridgeVented Hip – Ridge   vented headwallVented Headwall   valley 1Valley (V-1)
valley 2Valley (V-2)   sliding eave with gutterSliding Eave with Gutter   sliding eave 1Sliding Eave (E-1)   sliding eave 2Sliding Eave (E-2)
sliding gable 1Sliding Gable (G-1)   sliding gable 2Sliding Gable (G-2)   sliding gable 3Sliding Gable (G-3)   hse 1High Side Eave (HSE-1)
hse 2High Side Eave (HSE-2)   headwall 1Headwall (HW-1)   headwall 2Headwall (HW-2)   headwall 3Headwall (HW-3)
penetrationPenetration   sidewall 1Sidewall (SW-1)
  sidewall2Sidewall (SW-2)   sidewall 3Sidewall (SW-3)
fixed eave 1Fixed Eave (FE-1)   fixed eave 2Fixed Eave (FE-2)   sliding ridgeSliding Hip – Ridge