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Michael Vaughn Joins Fabral as Marketing Manager

Vaughn’s background in engagement marketing and branding will help drive Fabral’s ambitious growth goals.

Fabral Metal Wall and Roof Systems has appointed Michael Vaughn to the role of Marketing Manager, a new position at the company that will support ongoing expansion and growth opportunities. In the role, Vaughn will support all marketing initiatives for Fabral, including branding and marketing strategy and execution, product development, and sales support.

Vaughn joins Fabral following two years as a brand manager for commercial masonry and hardscapes at Oldcastle APG. Prior to that, he spent 18 years in marketing for a range of food and drink brands, including serving as Culture Event Marketing Manager for Red Bull.

“Michael’s background in the development and implementation of branding and marketing strategies and overall marketing execution will be extremely valuable as he works cross-functionally with all departments to grow the Fabral business,” said Kyle Evans, National Sales Manager for Fabral. “In addition, his engagement marketing experience will help connect customers with the Fabral brand in new and unique ways that provide numerous touchpoints and experiences to build a customer-focused company culture.”

Vaughn said he hopes to have a significant voice in the overall growth and success of the company moving forward. “I’m also excited about the opportunity to work with Fabral’s diverse leadership team, which is highly accomplished, experienced, and committed to employee development, which creates a great workplace environment.”