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Fabral is the premier supplier of metal roofing and wall panels for architectural, educational, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

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Mitered Corners

Achieve your architecturally dynamic design by incorporating horizontal metal siding with Fabral’s seamless mitered corners. Fabral’s mitered corners – corners that are formed by using the Fabral siding panel specified in the design – are specifically engineered to ensure complete horizontal continuity.


  • constructed from quality steel and aluminum, eliminating corrosion
  • factory-coated with primer and paint, ensuring color matching to the adjacent panels
  • formed from existing Fabral siding panels, folded to the desired angle and structurally bonded with a two-part adhesive, eliminating transition lines and weld-burn damage
  • backed up with a perforated angle, providing additional structural integrity

All of which together guarantees a weather tight, structurally sound corner with a continuous appearance.

Flat Sheet & Coil Program

Flat sheet and coil available for immediate pick up at Dallas Fort Worth.

Fabral Metal Wall and Roof Systems has been the premier nationwide provider or metal building components for over 50 years. With the fast paced lifecycle of construction and material needs Fabral is proud to offer a large assortment of flat sheet & coil for immediate pick-up.

Contact us to schedule your pick-up today: 1-800-477-9066


Fabral offers the total system solution with RoofSeal underlayment. By combining superior performance and protection with skid-resistant traction, RoofSeal helps you get the job done right.


  • Width: 4″
  • Length: 250″
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Thickness: 13.25 mils
  • UV exposure up to 180 days
  • Water Vapor Permeance: .06 perms
  • QAI & ICC-ES building code compliant
  • Contributes to LEED and NGBP ratings
  • 100% inorganic, will not rot or mold
  • 10 squares per roll
  • 36 rolls per pallet


  • Durability: stronger than traditional felt
  • Quality: for skid-resistant traction
  • Performance: UV exposure up to 180 days
  • Peace of mind: 50 year warranty against leaking

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Polyiso Roof Insulation

Closed cell foam polyiso insulation is the product of choice for energy-aware architects, specifiers, builders, owners and consumers. Ideally suited for Fabral standing seam roofs, ACFoam® -III Polyiso Roof Insulation can be used without a thermal barrier. Easily integrated with a Fabral metal roof system, it reduces thermal conductivity and satisfies specification requirements across a wide range of roofing applications. Polyiso insulation is used in 65% of today’s new and re-roofing project

  • Polyiso offers the highest R-value per inch of any rigid foam board insulation. Thermal performance is measured using derivative of the R-value known as the Long-Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) Method. LTTR is a 15-year time-weighted method based on customer’s insulation needs; available values range from 5.6 to 27.3. As the value increases so does the performance of the insulation. (Note: R and LTTR values may be used interchangeably.)
  • Polyiso has the highest level of inherent fire resistance of all foam plastics. Performs exceptionally well in three key fire tests (ASTM E84, NFPA 285 and NFPA 286/UL 1715).
  • To learn about thermal resistance, recycled content, weight, and truckload quantities, click here.

ACFoam® -III:  This closed cell polyiso system is recognized by the Green Guard Environmental Institute as resistant to mold growth.

ACFoam® CrossVent® :  The ACFoam® CrossVent® insulation board consists of a closed-cell polyiso with 1.0″, 1.5″, or 2.0″ vent spacer strips. The spacer strips on the insulation board allow for constant airflow that provides thermal resistance through the airspace by helping to dissipate heat buildup beneath the OSB.

ACFoam Nail Base:  ACFoam Nail Base Insulation has a 7/16″ OSB applied to the foam providing a firmer surface and additional support for installation.

ACFoam Nail Base Fasteners:  Atlas Nail Base Fasteners are specially engineered fasteners for installing ACFoam® CrossVent® , CrossVent® RB and Nail Base Insulation, and are required as a part of the Nail Base Insulation System.

Phase Change Material

Sustainability is a part of your design. And your designs require cutting-edge performance. Metal is inherently green. It’s durable and easy to recycle. And we’re working with metal in a whole new way using special components like Phase Change Material. Many Fabral metal panels are ENERGY STAR approved and can help earn U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points. Phase Change Material can be optimized when installed in sheets integrated with metal panels and insulation in a complete metal roofing system.


Metal panels bring unmatched durability. Insulation can build R-value into the system. Fabral technology has gone beyond insulation developing a system integrated with Phase Change Material for maximum energy efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption.

Phase Change Material increases the thermal mass of a building. This significantly regulates the building’s interior temperature reducing the need for heating and cooling. The result is a more energy efficient structure.


  • Compounds Liquefy and Solidify at Pre-Set Temperature range
  • 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable
  • Reduces Overall Energy Use
  • Can be Retrofitted
  • Non-Toxic
  • Available for LEED Qualifications


We’re working with metal in a whole new way. Phase Change Material is a natural component that easily integrates with Fabral roof and wall systems. Phase Change Material technology absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night creating a more efficient energy cycle.

All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment

Our High-Temperature Underlayment is a durable, self-adhering, modified composite underlayment, specifically designed to withstand the rigors of most roofing applications. It is available to use as flashing tape to provide a secondary water barrier. The tough, slip-resistant, poly-fabric surface provides a rugged barrier to physical damage, UV degradation, weather, and moisture.


Fabral All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment prevents moisture entry into structures by sealing uniformly to the substrate and around nail penetrations. Fabral All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment is 50 ml (1.2 mm) thick and is supplied in 200 sq. ft. – (36” x 66.8’) (.9 m x 20.4 m) rolls.

Fabral All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment is self-adhereing and cold applied. No special adhesives, heat, or equipment are necessary to install Fabral All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment when installed at 45° F and warmer.


  • Underwriters Laboratories Class A and Class C Fire Rating – Based on roof covering
  • ASTM D1970, Standard Ice Dam Underlayment
  • Florida Building Code Approved – FL 17322
  • Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved, MiamiDade County, Florida


  • UV protected surface – 90-day exposure
  • High-temperature stability – 260° F
  • 50 mil thickness
  • Soft-surfaced polyester face
  • Self-adhering and cold applied
  • No special adhesives necessary
  • Direct-to-deck metal application

Architectural/Commercial Markets

From energy-saving cladding for schools to vibrant enclosure systems for large retail chains, Fabral is a reliable solution for whatever market you’re in.






Modern-day models for education facilities have been designed with Fabral products. As the leading provider of metal for building envelope solutions, Fabral systems have been specified for projects in every commercial building segment. Durable exterior cladding is fitting for schools to tightly seal the building — netting next-level energy efficiency.

Texas Rangers Golf Club

Arlington, Texas

As the world’s only Major League Baseball-branded golf course, the Texas Rangers Golf Club offers a unique experience for locals and tourists alike. This $24 million project includes a new 33,871-square-foot clubhouse featuring a full-service restaurant and bar, a covered patio overlooking the golf course, a pro shop, locker rooms, and numerous rental and event spaces.

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