Our Story

50+ Years of Building Excellence

Founded in 1967, Fabral is widely recognized as the benchmark leader. From supplying corrugated steel panels to the U.S. government for use in the Vietnam War to helping Lady Bird Johnson Middle School in Irving, Texas, reach net-zero status, Fabral has been an integral part of the largest building projects in America. Our quality products, advanced LEAN manufacturing processes and dedicated customer service have elevated Fabral to become the metal cladding supplier of choice.

Why Fabral Metal Roofing?

Choose the best of the best.

When you go with a metal roofing system from Fabral, you get peace of mind. Our products not only offer protection for 40+ years, but are also backed by our expertise and 30-year warranty, too. Fabral has you covered.




Long Lasting

Enviromentally Friendly

Low Maintenance

Warranty Coverage

Colors & Finishes

From our most-requested hues to specialty colors and finishes, we have the right look for you.
Plus, many are LEED-compliant and ENERGY STAR® -approved.

SR = Solar Reflectivity, IE = Initial Emmisivity, SRI = Solar Reflective Index

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Light Stone 453

SR: .51 IE: .90 SRI: 60

Siliconized Modified Polyester (SMP) paint system

Available in: Ft. Worth, TX; Gridley, IL; Lancaster, PA; Marshfield, WI; Salt Lake City, UT; Spokane, WA; St. Joseph, MN for Residential/Agricultural systems

Fabral Sustainability

A choice you can feel good about.

Made from partially recycled materials, Fabral metal panels are green by nature — and fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Looking to earn those coveted LEED points? Our ENERGY STAR® -approved products can also help you accomplish that goal.

Our experts can guide you to the right sustainable metal solution for you. We understand that being green is vital to your building, and we’re here to make it last.