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CopperCraft by Fabral came to the rescue when this custom home project faced a dilemma. Stacy Lundy at Gradison Design Build explains how homeowners wanted the dormer, spire, and drainage system accessories to match the exterior windows, but the window suppliers wouldn’t share information on color.After finally finding a company to do the job, Neal Paint in Columbus, IN, the accessories were shipped, only to hit another big obstacle. The caulking job on the accents was so bad, they couldn’t be painted. At that point, CopperCraft by Fabral was called on to repair the job, fixing the issue by refabricating the spires, finials and drainage system. Stacy adds, “The end product was absolutely amazing.” This is a great example of the commitment of the CopperCraft by Fabral.CopperCraft by Fabral was able to create a solution by offering a dynamic line of products and the right knowledgeable support. CopperCraft by Fabral works with our customers to get the job done.


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Copper is at our CORE and CopperCraft by Fabral has the copper and fabrication capabilities your project needs. By combining old world craftsmanship with modern-day practices, CopperCraft provides the highest quality and affordable products you demand. From beautiful horse barns to custom homes and commercial projects, copper has a fit.

Look to CopperCraft for high quality, handcrafted products. Experienced sheet metal craftsmen will fabricate custom products from your ideas and drawings or from our readily available selection including dormers, finials, spires and more. CopperCraft combines old world craftsmanship with modern day technology and equipment to provide high quality, cost advantage architectural products.

Established in 1989 with the goal of preserving the high quality and craftsmanship found in old world metalworking, CopperCraft continues to educate and pass down old world skills to employees so there will continue to be an industry-wide source for even the most specialized of materials.

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