Edman Lake House

Lake Minnewaska/Starbuck, MN

Perfectly positioned in Minnesota’s Central region for easy access, Lake Minnewaska provides the best of everything in lake-based recreation. Over 7,000 acres of water offer fishing, boating, water sports, nature observation, and relaxation. Located on the south shore of Lake Minnewaska, Edman Lake House is designed as a highly efficient environment with geothermal heating and cooling.

The Edman Lake House was designed by Bryan Anderson and Max Ouellette-Howitzfrom SALA Architects based in Minneapolis, MN. Sustainability is at the core of SALA’sdesign as they focus on creating healthy, energy-efficient, and low-impact living spaces.The Edman Lake House is no exception as Master Builder Joe Bouta, with Joe Bouta Construction crafted a stunning home using high-performing products that are both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

The home is designed with geothermal heating and cooling, commonly referred to as a”loop” to exchange heat between a building or home, a ground source heat pump, aheat exchanger, and the earth. As with any heat pump, geothermal and water source pumps are able to heat and cool a building or residence.

The home also boasts an R50+ insulated envelope, low maintenance Arbor Wood Co. Thermally Modified Ash siding, and features Fabral 1 ½” SSR Metal Panels in a Galvalume clear coat on both the roof and the walls. Other features include custom Fabral metal trim, HardieTrim, and TruExterior Poly-Ash, as well as triple-pane windows and glass doors from Loewen.

The interior features Murphy-style beds that easily convert den and office spaces tosleeping areas to to maximize space utilization. The large clerestory windows provide natural light throughout the main living spaces so that additional lighting israrely necessary if the sun is out. The design focus of the main living area is the view of the sunset over the lake as it moves with the seasons, as well as providing external views through the house to the lake for visitors. This project is an example of how sustainability is shaping modern home design through quality construction, durable materials and versatile design that promote healthy, energy-efficient, and low-impact living spaces.

Project Details

Project Summary:

Location: Lake Minnewaska/Starbuck, MN

Builder: Joe Bouta

Architect: SALA Architects

Supplier: Don’s Building Center – Kerkhoven, MN

Material: Fabral 1 ½” SSR, in Galvalume Clear Coat

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Product Details

1 1/2″ SSR 150

Structural stability is achieved with this classic metal roof. With 24 gauge steel, standard shadow lines and standard factory applied sealant, this panel is designed to perform at optimum levels year after year. Factory notching for ease of hemming available on review for 1 1/2” SSR 150.

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1 1/2″ SSR 150

Shadow lines standard to enhance appearance (can be ordered without shadow lines, specify at time of order)
Minimum Roof Slope: 1:12
Panel Coverage: 16” coverage with 1 1/2 ” seam height
Hail Resistance: UL2218, Class 4
Fire Resistance: UL790, Class A
Wind Uplift Test Rating: UL580, Class 90
Maximum Panel Length: Custom cut to lengths up to 40’

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