Houston’s First Baptist Church

Houston, Texas

Houston’s First Baptist Church encompasses a thriving and diverse community, and people are welcomed from all walks of life.

Houston’s First decided to renovate their downtown campus and create a visually-stunning building that would house their worship and activities.

Byrne Metals originally just installed the panel cover for the building. However, once completed, Houston’s First decided to add a giant cross brightly lit with LED lights to the project. It’s a beautiful showpiece of art and community.

Fabral was the metal manufacturer of choice for this project due to Fabral’s product quality, Fabral’s competitive pricing, and Byrne Metals’ familiarity with Fabral’s products. Byrne Metals has been using Fabral products for a long time and their decision to choose Fabral was a no-brainer.

Byrne Metals used the HCF 12-3C panel for the project, and they have used it in previous projects so they knew the panels would be easy to install.

The church wanted the panels perforated and painted on both sides, and Fabral was happy to process this customer order for them in a timely manner. As a brand that has been in the market for over 50 years, we can deliver custom based orders that fit each customers design and architectural needs.

The work for the project took 2 weeks to complete, and everything went smoothly and as planned.

The church congregation performed a lighting ceremony after their normal church service at dusk. They considered this a historical moment where the giant cross lit up their beloved city. The mayor of Houston attended this even and a band played for their celebration.

Project Details

  • 12 square ft.
  • Product: HCF 12-3C
  • Color: Bone White
  • Installer: Byrne Metals

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Product Details

Silhouette HCF Series ™

With a range of profiles and configurations, this horizontal concealed fastener system meets design requirements for a variety of applications

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Silhouette HCF Series ™

Panel Options Available: Multiple Panel Profiles Designs with both 12″ and 16″ options
Substrate Offering:
.032″ Aluminum .040″ Aluminum .050″ Aluminum 18 Gauge Steel 20 Gauge Steel 22 Gauge Steel 24 Gauge Steel
Panel Features:
Factory Applied Sealant
Customizations Available:
Mitered Corners
Maximum Panel Length: 20′
Minimum Panel Length: 2′