Perry Street Wharf

Gretna, Louisiana

If you ever find yourself driving from New Orleans to Gretna on Business 90, look out the passenger window and you will see Fabral Hefti-Rib in custom color Ivy League. Located on the opposite side of the river from the CBD and the French Quarter, the Perry Street Wharf is undergoing quite a transformation. Featuring Hefti-Rib in 24 and 22 gauge with clear translucent panels, this structure supports the sustainable initiative. As a restoration project replacing old corrugated siding, special considerations had to be made in order to keep the original concept of the structure intact. Fabral’s ability to color match was a perfect fit for this need, creating custom color Ivy League, aka Gretna Green, used for this project. This project is a great example of Fabral’s capabilities.


Located right on the Mississippi River, this Perry Street Wharf Shed is currently warehousing rubber used for GoodYear tires in about two thirds of the facility. The remaining space is used to repair any damaged ships that come through the wharf. Being right on the water, certain gauge specifications had to be used to meet wind load and hurricane requirements.

Fabral’s excellent support team was a big deciding factor in K-Belle’s selection process. Never having worked with Fabral products before, they were incredibly impressed with the support they received from both the Customer Care division and their sales representative, Brian Selig. Brian even visited the site several times to offer installation instruction and advice in the use of the materials provided by Fabral.

Project Details

  • 130,000 square foot building
  • Featuring Hefti-Rib exposed fastener wall panel in custom color
  • Featuring custom outlets from CopperCraft
  • Featuring all Fabral supplied fasteners and accessories
  • Owner: Port of New Orleans
  • Specifying Engineers: Guy Williams and Akash Rao – ECM Consultants
  • Consulting Engineers: Kristi Mirambell and Glenda Allen – K-Belle Consultants LLC

Color Details

Fabral custom color Ivy League was chosen for the walls.

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Product Details


Superior strength-to-weight ratio and spanning capabilities set this panel apart. It adds texture and strength to designs and can act as a canvas on the exterior.

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Panel Options Available: Panel Variations HR-288 and Reverse Run Hefti-Rib I are Available
Substrate Offering:
.032″ Aluminum .040″ Aluminum .050″ Aluminum 18 Gauge Steel 20 Gauge Steel 22 Gauge Steel 24 Gauge Steel 26 Gauge Steel
Panel Features:
Vertical & Horizontal Applications
Customizations Available:
Curving Options Mitered Corners Wall & Roof Variations
Maximum Panel Length: 45′
Minimum Panel Length: 6′