Philadelphia Post Office

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The new Philadelphia Post Office has been recognized as its historic predecessor. Fabral Hefti-Rib exposed fastener wall panels in perforated, stainless steel canvas the exterior. The effect is modern and industrial. The panels provide superior durability and environmental advantages. Stainless steel adds solar-reflecting properties. And the material is completely recyclable, furthering the building’s sustainability.

Perforation, such as in this project, is ideal for acoustical considerations, to help minimize wind loading or purely for aesthetic effect. Stainless steel is very strong and extremely corrosion resistant, especially when exposed to the elements such as smog and car pollution in major metropolitan areas.

Project Details

  • Construction of this USPS mail facility kept 4,000 jobs in the city
  • By incorporating a perforated, stainless steel wall system, the design team created an environmentally sustainable building offering many benefits to those working within and those living in the surrounding neighborhood
  • 27,000 square feet of Hefti-Rib were utilized for this project

Color Details

The Hefti-Rib panels in this project are made of stainless steel. The architect chose to use them without applying a finish as a highly reflective design element.

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Product Details


Superior strength-to-weight ratio and spanning capabilities set this panel apart. It adds texture and strength to designs and can act as a canvas on the exterior.

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Panel Options Available: Panel Variations HR-288 and Reverse Run Hefti-Rib I are Available
Substrate Offering:
.032″ Aluminum .040″ Aluminum .050″ Aluminum 18 Gauge Steel 20 Gauge Steel 22 Gauge Steel 24 Gauge Steel 26 Gauge Steel
Panel Features:
Vertical & Horizontal Applications
Customizations Available:
Curving Options Mitered Corners Wall & Roof Variations
Maximum Panel Length: 45′
Minimum Panel Length: 6′