Ray Catena Audi

Freehold, NJ

Opened in February of 2015, the Ray Catena Audi of Freehold, New Jersey is the largest Audi dealership in the United States. The indoor showroom can house up to 26 models in a staggered formation, giving the illusion of the cars racing through the facility. The showroom is over two times the size of an average showroom with a open, flowing floor plan that leads customers through the dealership from the “racetrack” with new models to the used car showroom and then through a waiting lounge with a Starbucks café. The dealership proudly inventories everything from standard used models to Audi’s top-of-the-line high-performance models.

15,000 square feet of Fabral Silhouette HCF panels were used to clad the expansive service center for this state-of-the-art dealership. The service center is large enough to house 28 lifts and a full service car wash. The center provides everything from oil changes to transmission replacements and is three times the size of the average service center. Fabral’s HCF panels were a perfect compliment for the perforated metal cladding used for the front of the dealership. The panels were used to cover the pre-cast concrete walls bringing a modern, contemporary appearance to the entire facility.

Project Details

  • Architect: Redcom Design & Construction
  • Installer: DK Metals
  • Distributor: Carron & Company
  • Owner: Ray Catena Motors
  • 24 gauge HCF 12-3C S15 in Silversmith

Color Details

Fabral Mica color Sliversmith was used to create this high-tech, inviting design.

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Product Details

Silhouette HCF Series™

With a range of profiles and configurations, this horizontal concealed fastener system meets design requirements for a variety of applications

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Silhouette HCF Series™

Panel Options Available: Multiple Panel Profiles Designs with both 12″ and 16″ options
Substrate Offering:
.032″ Aluminum .040″ Aluminum .050″ Aluminum 18 Gauge Steel 20 Gauge Steel 22 Gauge Steel 24 Gauge Steel
Panel Features:
Factory Applied Sealant
Customizations Available:
Mitered Corners
Maximum Panel Length: 20′
Minimum Panel Length: 2′