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TB721 Reroof

Residential or agricultural buildings are typically constructed with roof coverings such as
shingles, slate, roll asphalt roofing or wood shakes…

TB722 Snow Guards

Snow guards are devices used to limit the momentum of snow and ice on sloped roofs, allowing it
to fall in smaller, more manageable, less hazardous pieces. Their use is recommended in areas where snow and ice falling off the roof could cause damage…

TB727 Cool Roof Rating Council Approval

Fabral recently received approval on 5 special Valspar colors by the Cool Roof Rating Council
(CRRC). This approval allows us to provide painted metal roofs for low slope applications on conditioned

TB728 Fire Endurance Test

On January 31, 1990, Warnock Hersey International, Inc. conducted a fire endurance and hose stream
test on the interior surface of an exterior wall designed by National Frame Builders Association…

TB404 Residential Condensation

Condensation and ice damming can be a real problem on any residential project. Every fall we
get numerous calls the first time the temperatures start to get cold from people with condensation

TB301 Field-Cleaning

Most pre-painted metal roofing and siding can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution
such as tri-sodium phosphate, Spic-N-Span…