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Pre-Engineered Structure Highlights Summer Farm Festival

Seeing is believing, and during last summer’s Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, visitors saw for themselves the speed and performance opportunities of pre-engineered buildings crafted with metal wall and roof panels. A pre-engineered structure was built on site, demonstrating the construction efficiency and customization potential of pole buildings for agriculture purposes including dairy, hay storage, livestock, and machinery.

The 30’ x 40’ building featured energy-efficient windows, craftsman awning, and high clearance trusses. The walls and roofs of the building were pre-fabricated using Fabral’s metal panels, including GrandRib 3 Plus panels in Sierra and Burnished Slate for the roof and wall panels, and Crinkle Coat Burnished Slate for the trims.

Cleary Building
Pre-engineered structure on site at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days in Loyal, Wisconsin.

For barns and other agricultural buildings, the Grandrib 3 panel is unique and versatile, boasting clean, traditional lines, and is manufactured from the best structural steel available.

Ideal where resiliency is needed, the Grandrib 3 Plus panel has a G-90 coating for better weather performance and durability versus the original Grandrib 3. Grandrib 3 Plus also is a thicker metal panel, increasing strength and appearance. The panel offers excellent wind uplift and snow load ratings. It’s high-performance Enduracote paint system features an Energy Star-approved standard color offering.

Grandrib 3 panels carry a 30-year limited paint warranty for fading and chalking, and a 20-year non-perforation warranty. They feature an anti-siphon sidelap design.

At the end of the three-day event, which is held each year in various locations around Wisconsin, the installers dismantled the building and shipped it to its permanent home, the Moris Family Farm in Platteville, Wisconsin.