Attractive and functional, Fabral Aluminum Precut Soffit protects your rafters, promotes air flow and adds character. All three soffit configurations – solid, center-vented and full-vented – are available in 20 Sherwin Williams WeatherXL colors. We have a soffit product designed to match perfectly with your Fabral roofing, siding and trim system. Available in four lengths for ease of installation, saving you time and money on the jobsite.

Available in ; ;


Standard Lengths Of: 12’, 23 ¾”, 17 ¾”, 11 ¾”

Custom Lengths Available Upon Request

3 Soffit Configurations: Solid, Center-Vented, Full-Vented

Net Free Airflow (NF):

Fully-Vented – 16”/LF

Center-Vented – 8”/LF




16” Coverage

3/8” Rib Height