30-year inorganic roof system for standing seam metal roofs

FABRAL®  is proud to partner with ROCKWOOL® metal wall and roof systems to offer a 30-year water tightness and 30-year thermal warranty.

This jointly developed system uses FABRAL® POWERSEAM panel system and the ROCKWOOL TOPROCK® DD insulation. When combined, this assembly offers best-in-class sound attenuation with a sound transmission class (STC) of 37 and an outdoor indoor transmission class (OITC) of 29.

With Standing Seam Metal Roof systems becoming increasingly popular, one of the main areas of concern is rainfall noise. When compared to a similar PolyIso insulated roofing assembly, this stone wool system offers superior sound attenuation when tested to ISO 140 part 2, 2010 – Heavy rain 0.4in/hr.

Put your occupant’s comfort first by offering superior thermal performance & sound attenuation along with the longevity you expect from a standing seam metal roof system.