Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, Georgia

The indoor football facility at Georgia Institute of Technology combines visual interest and function. The curved roof, instantly recognizable on campus, provides adequate space for athletes to practice inside.

Knight Architects applied 80,000 square feet of Fabral Stand ‘N Seam panels in Bone White to the roof providing superior durability. Fabral Select Series 12 concealed fastener panels were used for the soffit also in Bone White.

On-site fabrication allowed the panels to stretch the entire span of the building. Stand ‘N Seam is a high-performance, structural standing seam roof system ideal for the most demanding applications providing superior wind uplift resistance.

Project Details

  • 88,000 square foot indoor football practice facility
  • 80,000 square feet of Stand ‘N Seam standing seam roof system
  • On-site fabrication allowed panels to stretch the entire span of the building

Color Details

Fabral standard color Bone White adds solar reflective properties, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the structure.

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Product Details

Stand ’N Seam®

This high performance, mechanically seamed roof system satisfies the most demanding applications. The panels can be roll-formed and curved to span an entire roof without end seams.

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Stand ’N Seam®

Substrate Offering:
.032″ Aluminum .040″ Aluminum 22 Gauge Steel 24 Gauge Steel Copper
Panel Features:
Double lock-seamed side joints Factory Applied Sealant Unrestricted thermal movement
Customizations Available:
Factory-Forming Field-Forming
Highest wind-uplift resistance of any standing seam panel on the market
Minimum Roof Slope: 1/2:12
Hail Resistance: UL2218, Class 4
Fire Resistance: UL790, Class A
Maximum Panel Length: 47′
Minimum Panel Length: 6′

Test Data

Wind Uplift UL90#275, 275A, 275B
ASTM E330 24 ga. allowable load of 95.76 psf @ 2.5′
22 ga. allowable load of 87.88 psf @ 5′
.032″ AL allowable load of 48.48 psf @ 5′
.032″ AL allowable load of 66.67 psf @ 2.5′
.040″ AL allowable load of 66.67 psf @ 5′
.040″ AL allowable load of 82.42 psf @ 2.5′
Air infiltrationASTM E283.006 @ 20 psf
ASTM E16800.00 @ 20 psf
ASTM E331no water @ 20 psf
ASTM E1646no water @ 20 psf

Select Series® 12

With a concealed fastener, this plush panel design is suited for long spanning walls, equipment screens, fascia and soffit applications. Panels have also been utilized as a rainscreen system

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Select Series® 12

Panel Options Available: 12-R2 (Recommended), 12-R0, 12-W
Maximum Panel Length: 45′
Minimum Panel Length: 4′