Kress Events Center

Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Kress Events Center at the University of Wisconsin utilized Fabral metal roofing panels to their fullest potential to create this unique, curved design. 125 Stand ‘N Seam metal roof panels measuring 327 feet span this extensive curved roofing project. Each panel was field formed at the roof line and curved to create this unique design. Stand ‘N Seam panels were chosen for several reasons: continuous movement, availability in both steel and aluminum, and most importantly, the highest wind rating (over 90) available. In total, 174,000 square feet were added to this university sports center complete with a snow retention rail system.

Student and campus goals for this facility were to make recreation more accessible. The Kress Center provided a highly visible and attractive activity center for students, faculty, staff, and community members and significantly expanded opportunities for organized and unorganized fitness and recreation activities by students, faculty, and staff. It created a venue with acoustics suitable for large-attendance campus events that fostered a sense of community and connection with the local region, including convocations, commencements, student organization and new student welcome activities, and small concerts and performances. The center also provided support spaces for existing instruction in physical education and future instruction in emerging health and fitness related fields. It created a noteworthy home for the Fighting Phoenix Division I Athletic Program with competition spaces for teams, practice, conditioning, and sports medicine support for all student athletes, office space for staff, and facilities that address Title IX and other gender equality requirements.

Project Details

  • Product Used: 550 squares of Fabral Stand ‘N Seam
  • General Contractor: Miron
  • Roofing Contractor: PHD Roof Drs.
  • Architect: Kahler Slater Architects and the Zimmerman Design Group

Color Details

Fabral custom colors were chosen for this project, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the structure and increasing reflectivity.

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Product Details

Stand ’N Seam®

This high performance, mechanically seamed roof system satisfies the most demanding applications. The panels can be roll-formed and curved to span an entire roof without end seams.

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Stand ’N Seam®

Substrate Offering:
.032″ Aluminum .040″ Aluminum 22 Gauge Steel 24 Gauge Steel Copper
Panel Features:
Double lock-seamed side joints Factory Applied Sealant Unrestricted thermal movement
Customizations Available:
Factory-Forming Field-Forming
Highest wind-uplift resistance of any standing seam panel on the market
Minimum Roof Slope: 1/2:12
Hail Resistance: UL2218, Class 4
Fire Resistance: UL790, Class A
Maximum Panel Length: 47′
Minimum Panel Length: 6′

Test Data

Wind Uplift UL90#275, 275A, 275B
ASTM E330 24 ga. allowable load of 95.76 psf @ 2.5′
22 ga. allowable load of 87.88 psf @ 5′
.032″ AL allowable load of 48.48 psf @ 5′
.032″ AL allowable load of 66.67 psf @ 2.5′
.040″ AL allowable load of 66.67 psf @ 5′
.040″ AL allowable load of 82.42 psf @ 2.5′
Air infiltrationASTM E283.006 @ 20 psf
ASTM E16800.00 @ 20 psf
ASTM E331no water @ 20 psf
ASTM E1646no water @ 20 psf