Liberty University

Lynchburg, Virginia

Forming quality, long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners is someting we pride ourselves on at Fabral. An excellent example of this is our decade-plus relationship with Liberty University and NB Handy Co.

Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, is a rapidly growing Christian college campus that offers a wide range of degrees. Many of its buildings feature classic and timeless metal roofing systems that bring architectural uniformity to campus.

Our relationship began in 2010 when Liberty University was in the process of building Williams Stadium, a new football arena. At the beginning of the project, the university was working with another metal roofing manufacturer; however, a fulfillment challenge had halted the project’s progression. Fabral was able to quickly offer a solution that would not only accomplish the initial design goal but also help Liberty avoid incurring an influx of charges that would put them over budget. We worked closely with NB Handy Co.; an industry-leading wholesale distributor of commercial roofing materials, to bring the vision of Liberty University to life.

One of the design goals was to have a top ridge that is physically longer than the eave. Fabral’s engineers, along with NB Handy, figured out how the flexible Stand’N Seam panel system could be incrementally adjusted across the roof, thereby eliminating the cost and effort of custom fabrication.

The success of this project laid the foundation for Fabral to be the preferred metal roofing provider for any new Liberty University projects over the past 13 years. Since the inital project in 2010, Fabral and NB Handy have worked together to bring upward of a dozen new metal roofing systems to the campus and plan for that number to continue to grow in the future.

“Working with NB Handy Co. to achieve the cohesive design Liberty University is aiming to have with their campus has been such an cooperative experience,” said Jerry Wandel, Architectural Territory Manager at Fabral. “This relationship, with a dealer who works closely with the design team at Liberty and the contractors, has been tremendous. It has definitely been a key to our success in these projects.”

Despite a change in designers, contractors, and architects for many of these projects, Liberty University has made one thing clear: Fabral products are the only metal roofing manufacturer to choose.

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Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, is one of the fastest growing college campuses in the United States. Classic and timeless metal roofing systems are a prominent architectural feature unifying the campus. Since 2010, Fabral and NB Handy have partnered to provide architectural metal enclosure systems to numerous campus buildings.


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When curving is required for a design, this mechanically seamed structural standing seam roof panel can bend to create the desired look

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Maximum Panel Length: 47′
Minimum Panel Length: 6′

Test Data

Wind uplift UL90#90, 176, 180, 238, 548, 549
Air infiltrationASTM E283ASTM E1680.01 @ 15 psfLess than .01 @ 1.57psf
Water penetrationASTM E331ASTM E1646ASTM E2140No water @ 6.24 psfNo water @ 16 psfNo water at 6 hours

PowerSeam Wind Uplift Loads (PSF)

24 g steel12”5353535353
24 g steel18”3535353535
22 g steel12”7070707070
22 g steel18”4747474747

Stand ’N Seam®

This high performance, mechanically seamed roof system satisfies the most demanding applications. The panels can be roll-formed and curved to span an entire roof without end seams.

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Stand ’N Seam®

Substrate Offering:
.032″ Aluminum .040″ Aluminum 22 Gauge Steel 24 Gauge Steel Copper
Panel Features:
Double lock-seamed side joints Factory Applied Sealant Unrestricted thermal movement
Customizations Available:
Factory-Forming Field-Forming
Highest wind-uplift resistance of any standing seam panel on the market
Minimum Roof Slope: 1/2:12
Hail Resistance: UL2218, Class 4
Fire Resistance: UL790, Class A
Maximum Panel Length: 47′
Minimum Panel Length: 6′

Test Data

Wind Uplift UL90#275, 275A, 275B
ASTM E330 24 ga. allowable load of 95.76 psf @ 2.5′
22 ga. allowable load of 87.88 psf @ 5′
.032″ AL allowable load of 48.48 psf @ 5′
.032″ AL allowable load of 66.67 psf @ 2.5′
.040″ AL allowable load of 66.67 psf @ 5′
.040″ AL allowable load of 82.42 psf @ 2.5′
Air infiltrationASTM E283.006 @ 20 psf
ASTM E16800.00 @ 20 psf
ASTM E331no water @ 20 psf
ASTM E1646no water @ 20 psf

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