Solid Rock Church

Columbus, GA


In May 2018, Solid Rock Church began an inspiring venture to enhance its facilities and influence. This ambitious endeavor aimed to construct two new buildings and undertake significant renovations to an existing structure, totaling around $3.2 million. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Pastor Jay Bailey underscored the church’s dedication to fostering the next generation and enriching the community through this pioneering initiative. Fueled by anticipation and member enthusiasm, Solid Rock Church embarked on a journey of innovation and expansion.

The Solution

Columbus Roofing partnered with Orion Associates, Inc. and Fabral to bring this project to life. This renovation project focused on the existing church structure. Utilizing Fabral Silhouette Series HCF 16-4 wall panels in Charcoal and Bright Silver, the walls underwent a transformation both horizontal and vertical installations were employed, resulting in a striking contrast that altered the perception of the panels’ colors. Orion Associates opted for Fabral’s Powerseam, a robust and high-performing structural standing seam panel designed specifically for roofs, to ensure durability and reliability, and they also used Fabral’s Decor Flush Soffit panels to provide proctection and proper ventaliation of the building.

Solid Rock Church’s ambitious expansion project symbolizes their commitment to future generations. As they embark on this journey, they aim not just to build structures, but to foster meaningful relationships and transform lives. Despite challenges in the past, their unwavering faith and perseverance have led them to this pivotal moment. Moving forward, Solid Rock Church remains steadfast in their mission to make a lasting impact, guided by their ultimate goal of uplifting those they serve.

Project Details

 PRODUCTS: Roof Panels:
.032 Powerseam 16″ Wall Panels:
.032 Silhouette Series HCF 16-4 Soffit Panels:
.032 Decor Flush

COLORS: Architectural PVDF:
Roof – Bright Silver
Wall – Charcoal & Bright Silver Soffit – Bright Silver


Orion Associates, Inc.


Columbus Roofing

Color Details

COLORS: Architectural PVDF:
Roof – Bright Silver
Wall – Charcoal & Bright Silver Soffit – Bright Silver

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Product Details

Silhouette HCF Series™

This horizontal concealed fastener system provides a range of profiles and configurations for architectural, commercial and industrial applications. With one to four ribs, this strong, durable wall panel system provides design versatility and performance. An interlocking sidelap hides fasteners and can be installed with or without clips to accommodate thermal movement.


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Silhouette HCF Series™

Panel Options Available: Multiple Panel Profiles Designs with both 12″ and 16″ options
Substrate Offering:
.032″ Aluminum .040″ Aluminum .050″ Aluminum 18 Gauge Steel 20 Gauge Steel 22 Gauge Steel 24 Gauge Steel
Panel Features:
Factory Applied Sealant
Customizations Available:
Mitered Corners
Maximum Panel Length: 20′
Minimum Panel Length: 2′


When curving is required for a design, this mechanically seamed structural standing seam roof panel can bend to create the desired look

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Maximum Panel Length: 47′
Minimum Panel Length: 6′

Test Data

Wind uplift UL90#90, 176, 180, 238, 548, 549
Air infiltrationASTM E283ASTM E1680.01 @ 15 psfLess than .01 @ 1.57psf
Water penetrationASTM E331ASTM E1646ASTM E2140No water @ 6.24 psfNo water @ 16 psfNo water at 6 hours

PowerSeam Wind Uplift Loads (PSF)

24 g steel12”5353535353
24 g steel18”3535353535
22 g steel12”7070707070
22 g steel18”4747474747


This attractive concealed fastener system is ideal for soffit, fascia and vertical wall applications

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For Soffit, Fascia and Vertical Wall Applications Only
Maximum Panel Length: 25′
Minimum Panel Length: 6′


Solid Rock Church- Columbus,GA