Stop condensation with Fabral factory applied CondenStop. Easily and effectively prevent condensation and the problems caused by condensation by installing Fabral panels featuring CondenStop on your next project.


How does it work?

The CondenStop fleece absorbs, stores and releases significant quantities of moisture when condensation would normally occur. When the temperature of a metal roof drops below the dew point, the CondenStop fleece will absorb and store the condensing water vapor. The absorbed water will evaporate again into the ambient air under appropriate temperature and ventilation conditions.

Why is condensation an issue?

When there is a temperature difference between inside and outside a building, condensation can form on the interior of cold metal panels – it is a natural effect.

How long has CondenStop been around?

15 years, and CondenStop is the leader in the market.

What is the life expectancy once applied?

CondenStop is made from durable polyester materials designed to last the life of the metal panels; a wide variety of testing and in-place projects confirms the product’s durability.

Is CondenStop factory applied to metal panels? And is it secure once in application?

Yes, it is factory applied. The adhesion is quite strong and comes with a 20-year no delamination warranty.

What panels come with Condenstop?

Grandrib 3® Plus painted, Grandrib 3® painted and MP Panel painted.

What colors are available?

Light gray is standard.

What is the R Value?

The R-value is minimal, only 0.3691. However, the product’s value comes from its ability to store and release moisture where other materials cannot.

Does the moisture affect the metal?


Can panels be lapped?

Panel side laps are OK because of a factory hold-back, however, panel end laps should be avoided by using full length panels from eave to ridge.

Are there special installation instructions?

Full length panels from eave to ridge are recommended, and eave overhangs should be painted to seal microfibers from absorbing moisture from the outside.

Is the material heavy and does it add a lot of weight to the panels making them difficult to handle in the field?

No, CondenStop is very light, you will hardly notice any weight differential at all.

If CondenStop is used, does the building have to be ventilated?

Yes, a properly ventilated building is still important. CondenStop helps smooth out drying cycles but buildings should still utilize good ventilation practices.

What are the flame retardency properties?

Class I flame retardant per ASTM E84-04.

What are the absorption and drying properties?

CondenStop holds 21 lbs of moisture per 100 square feet. This equates to over 10 quarts of water per 100 square feet.

Will mold grow?

No, the micro fibers of CondenStop do not support mold growth.

Does CondenStop limit sound?

Yes, it reduces noise from outside such as rain as well as absorbing sound from inside the building. Use of CondenStop will yield similar results to that of alternative vapor retarders.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, 20-year no delamination warranty.




  • Saves time and money compared to other vapor barrier products by providing an economical solution for condensation issues
  • Eliminates condensation
  • Protects assets and investments from moisture damage
  • Can be used in place of traditional vapor retarders
  • Adds to interior corrosion protection
  • Light gray color enhances the indoor look of an open framing structure roof