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Whether you’re designing a beautiful horse barn, custom home or office building, Fabral has the architectural products to meet your every need.

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Phase Change Material

Sustainability is a part of your design. And your designs require cutting-edge performance. Metal is inherently green. It’s durable and easy to recycle. And we’re working with metal in a whole new way using special components like Phase Change Material. Many Fabral metal panels are ENERGY STAR approved and can help earn U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points. Phase Change Material can be optimized when installed in sheets integrated with metal panels and insulation in a complete metal roofing system.


Metal panels bring unmatched durability. Insulation can build R-value into the system. Fabral technology has gone beyond insulation developing a system integrated with Phase Change Material for maximum energy efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption.

Phase Change Material increases the thermal mass of a building. This significantly regulates the building’s interior temperature reducing the need for heating and cooling. The result is a more energy efficient structure.


  • Compounds Liquefy and Solidify at Pre-Set Temperature range
  • 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable
  • Reduces Overall Energy Use
  • Can be Retrofitted
  • Non-Toxic
  • Available for LEED Qualifications


We’re working with metal in a whole new way. Phase Change Material is a natural component that easily integrates with Fabral roof and wall systems. Phase Change Material technology absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night creating a more efficient energy cycle.

All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment

Our High-Temperature Underlayment is a durable, self-adhering, modified composite underlayment, specifically designed to withstand the rigors of most roofing applications. It is available to use as flashing tape to provide a secondary water barrier. The tough, slip-resistant, poly-fabric surface provides a rugged barrier to physical damage, UV degradation, weather, and moisture.


Fabral All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment prevents moisture entry into structures by sealing uniformly to the substrate and around nail penetrations. Fabral All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment is 50 ml (1.2 mm) thick and is supplied in 200 sq. ft. – (36” x 66.8’) (.9 m x 20.4 m) rolls.

Fabral All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment is self-adhereing and cold applied. No special adhesives, heat, or equipment are necessary to install Fabral All Purpose High-Temperature Underlayment when installed at 45° F and warmer.


  • Underwriters Laboratories Class A and Class C Fire Rating – Based on roof covering
  • ASTM D1970, Standard Ice Dam Underlayment
  • Florida Building Code Approved – FL 17322
  • Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved, MiamiDade County, Florida


  • UV protected surface – 90-day exposure
  • High-temperature stability – 260° F
  • 50 mil thickness
  • Soft-surfaced polyester face
  • Self-adhering and cold applied
  • No special adhesives necessary
  • Direct-to-deck metal application

Commercial Markets

From energy-saving cladding for schools to vibrant enclosure systems for large retail chains, Fabral is a reliable solution for whatever market you’re in.






Modern-day models for education facilities have been designed with Fabral products. As the leading provider of metal for building envelope solutions, Fabral systems have been specified for projects in every commercial building segment. Durable exterior cladding is fitting for schools to tightly seal the building — netting next-level energy efficiency.

Fell Charter School

Simpson, PA

With value engineering top of mind, school chooses Fabral Hefti-Rib® for new 18,000 square-foot facility.

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Knotwood Products

Want to take your project to new heights? Look no further than wood-look aluminum products from our partner Knotwood.

Knotwood building materials are greener, safer, stronger and easier to use than wood — and just as beautiful.


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Fencing | Gates | Screens | Cladding | Soffits | Battens | Awnings & Pergolas | Decking | Railing | Enclosures



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