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Fabral is the premier supplier of metal roofing and wall panels for residential, light commercial, and agricultural applications.

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Snow Retention

The right snow guard patterns are key to your building’s safety, and your installation demands dependability you can count on. Fabral® offers a complete line of snow retention systems plus custom snow guard spacing and pattern recommendations. Review our offering or click here to submit a snow retention layout request

Standing Seam Panel Systems 

  • Clamp-on snow guards provide options for Standing Seam roof systems. The AP series is ideal for Fabral® Stand ‘N Seam® , PowerSeam , Thin Seam and Slim Seam panels.
  • Snow Rail snow retention systems offer additional non-penetrating options for Standing Seam roof systems.

Exposed Fastener Panel Systems

  • Functional for Exposed Fastener roof systems, these surface mount snow guards are the right choice when you want to keep the cost down and design simple

Finials & Spires

Fabral® CopperCraft® offers a variety of finials and spires with looks as unique as your design. With hollow bases, the standard products can be modified to receive cable or lightning arresting systems.

Handcrafted CopperCraft spires add culture and heritage to any building.

Available in a variety of metals, spires can be created from our classic designs or fabricated to your specifications. Hollow bases can be modified to house lightning rod cable; professional electrical installation is required.

Dormers & Cupolas

Fabral® CopperCraft ® dormers and cupolas provide effective ventilation on a roof system and add a distinct design appeal. With a variety of shapes and designs, an accessory is bound to fit your design

Handcrafted CopperCraft cupolas add elegance, as well as natural lighting, ventilation, and views. These culturally significant accents are designed and assembled to endure strong winds and weather conditions. All cupolas are equipped with skirt flashing for simple, watertight installation.

Chimney Pots

Elegantly designed European Chimney Pots are part of the Fabral architectural detail offering. Available in a variety of multiple heights and shapes, they are lightweight and easy to install. They are also compatible with steel or masonry flues on wood or gas-burning fireplace systems.

Function meets aesthetics when it comes to Fabral® CopperCraft® chimney pots. The chimney pots create an old-world charm while protecting the interior from pests and water.


Copper is at our CORE and CopperCraft by Fabral has the copper and fabrication capabilities your project needs. By combining old world craftsmanship with modern-day practices, CopperCraft provides the highest quality and affordable products you demand. From beautiful horse barns to custom homes and commercial projects, copper has a fit.

Look to CopperCraft for high quality, handcrafted products. Experienced sheet metal craftsmen will fabricate custom products from your ideas and drawings or from our readily available selection including dormers, finials, spires and more. CopperCraft combines old world craftsmanship with modern day technology and equipment to provide high quality, cost advantage architectural products.

Established in 1989 with the goal of preserving the high quality and craftsmanship found in old world metalworking, CopperCraft continues to educate and pass down old world skills to employees so there will continue to be an industry-wide source for even the most specialized of materials.

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Flashing & Trim

Fabral offers a standard package of flashing and trim for a variety of applications. Flashing is factory-formed at 10’ 6” lengths and available in steel and aluminum with coordinating Enduracote finishes and colors. Flat metal sheets are also available when installer fabrication is preferred.

To view a complete offering of trims and trim details, review our online Details Manual – AKA the Blue Book.


Fabral offers the total system solution with RoofSeal underlayment. By combining superior performance and protection with skid-resistant traction, RoofSeal helps you get the job done right.


  • Width: 4″
  • Length: 250″
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Thickness: 13.25 mils
  • UV exposure up to 180 days
  • Water Vapor Permeance: .06 perms
  • QAI & ICC-ES building code compliant
  • Contributes to LEED and NGBP ratings
  • 100% inorganic, will not rot or mold
  • 10 squares per roll
  • 36 rolls per pallet


  • Durability: stronger than traditional felt
  • Quality: for skid-resistant traction
  • Performance: UV exposure up to 180 days
  • Peace of mind: 50 year warranty against leaking

Distributor Co-Branding

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Edman Lake House

Lake Minnewaska/Starbuck, MN

The Edman Lake House was designed by Bryan Anderson and Max Ouellette-Howitzfrom SALA Architects based in Minneapolis, MN. Sustainability is at the core of SALA'sdesign as they focus on creating healthy, energy-efficient, and low-impact living spaces.

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