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Every year, we recognize and reward those who’ve built exceptional structures using Fabral products. Who knows, maybe next year’s winner will be you. Stay tuned for contest dates.

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2023 Architectural Winner:
Howard T. Ennis School - Georgetown, DE

Company Name: Eastern Metals

Contractor / Installer: Quality Exteriors

Products and Colors Used: Material: 22 Gauge Galvalume 16,200 sq. ft. Box Rib 2C Sandstone " Wall Panels" 10,020 sq. ft. Box Rib 2WC Charcoal " Wall panels " 5,300 sq. ft. Box Rib 3C Charcoal " Wall Panels " 3,000 sq. ft. Box Rib 2AC Charcoal " Wall Panels " 6,000 sq. ft. Box Rib 2C Regal Blue " Wall Panels " 11, 000 sq. ft. Select 12 Silversmith " Soffi ts " 2,000 sq. ft. 18" power Seam II Charcoal " Roof Panels " 3,200 lin. ft. Custom fascia

Case Studies/Project Spotlights

Since 1967, top firms have called on our expertise and products to bring their large and small projects to life. The proof is in these case studies.

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Milford Police Department

Becker Morgan Group partnered with Eastern Metals Inc. and opted for Fabral Powerseam II 16″ for the metal roofing of this project. Quality Exteriors Inc. performed the installation of this high-performance, mechanically seamed standing seam roofing system. Fabral Powerseam II stands out with its 180-degree machine seaming, field rollforming capabilities, and the impressive ability to curve to a minimum radius of 10 feet.

Solid Rock Church

Utilizing Fabral Silhouette Series HCF 16-4 wall panels in Charcoal and Bright Silver, the walls underwent a transformation both horizontal and vertical installations were employed, resulting in a striking contrast that altered the perception of the panels’ colors. Orion Associates opted for Fabral’s Powerseam, a robust and high-performing structural standing seam panel designed specifically for roofs.

Queen Anne’s County YMCA

ACR Metal Roofing and Siding opted for Fabral Twin Fold II Metal Roofing Panels for this project, which were skillfully roll-formed on site. One of Fabral’s standout advantages lies in its provision of Onsite Roll­Forming Service to customers. This service entails deploying a specialized mobile roll-forming unit and expert personnel to manufacture materials directly at the project site.

Haven Harbour South Marina

Eastern Metals chose Fabral’s 24ga 16 11 Thin Seam Standing Seam Roof Panel for this project. Fabral’s Thin Seam, an engineered snap-together panel, combines classic design and high performance. Panel seams snap together for easy installation with no mechanical seaming tools required.

Howard T Ennis School

One standout feature is the exterior walls of the school that use of Fabral Box Rib HCF Wall Panels. Carefully selected by the architects, these panels come in various colors and profiles, seamlessly blending both vertical and horizontal orientations to achieve a pristine, modern look. 

Orange Beach Fire Station #3

Fabral’s Stand ‘N Seam high-performance, structural roof system boasts the highest wind uplift resistance of any standing seam panel available in the market.
A unique onepiece stainless steel clip design allows for unlimited thermal movement.