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Fabral is the premier supplier of metal roofing and wall panels for architectural, educational, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

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Finials & Spires

Fabral® CopperCraft® offers a variety of finials and spires with looks as unique as your design. With hollow bases, the standard products can be modified to receive cable or lightning arresting systems.

Handcrafted CopperCraft spires add culture and heritage to any building.

Available in a variety of metals, spires can be created from our classic designs or fabricated to your specifications. Hollow bases can be modified to house lightning rod cable; professional electrical installation is required.

Dormers & Cupolas

Fabral® CopperCraft ® dormers and cupolas provide effective ventilation on a roof system and add a distinct design appeal. With a variety of shapes and designs, an accessory is bound to fit your design

Handcrafted CopperCraft cupolas add elegance, as well as natural lighting, ventilation, and views. These culturally significant accents are designed and assembled to endure strong winds and weather conditions. All cupolas are equipped with skirt flashing for simple, watertight installation.

Chimney Pots

Elegantly designed European Chimney Pots are part of the Fabral architectural detail offering. Available in a variety of multiple heights and shapes, they are lightweight and easy to install. They are also compatible with steel or masonry flues on wood or gas-burning fireplace systems.

Function meets aesthetics when it comes to Fabral® CopperCraft® chimney pots. The chimney pots create an old-world charm while protecting the interior from pests and water.


The light-weight, non-corrosive and low maintenance properties of aluminum roofing and siding make it an ideal product for agricultural applications. Aluminum stands up to the elements with no edge rust, ensuring overall protection for your building. Fabral’s aluminum panels are made with high recycled content and are 100% recyclable – saving the planet’s natural resources.

Fabral offers 5 aluminum exposed fastener panels – and each offers a unique performance for a variety of applications. Talk with your roofing contractor or email to determine which is best for your project.

Lengths greater than 16′ are not recommended due to expansion and contraction.

Offering varies by region – inquire with roofing contractor or dealer.

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Copper is at our CORE and CopperCraft by Fabral has the copper and fabrication capabilities your project needs. By combining old world craftsmanship with modern-day practices, CopperCraft provides the highest quality and affordable products you demand. From beautiful horse barns to custom homes and commercial projects, copper has a fit.

Look to CopperCraft for high quality, handcrafted products. Experienced sheet metal craftsmen will fabricate custom products from your ideas and drawings or from our readily available selection including dormers, finials, spires and more. CopperCraft combines old world craftsmanship with modern day technology and equipment to provide high quality, cost advantage architectural products.

Established in 1989 with the goal of preserving the high quality and craftsmanship found in old world metalworking, CopperCraft continues to educate and pass down old world skills to employees so there will continue to be an industry-wide source for even the most specialized of materials.

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Translucent Panels

Think about the total system. With translucent panels from Fabral you can. Translucent panels transmit natural light affording better work conditions and potential reducing energy costs. These wall siding panels are ideal for use in agricultural, light commercial, warehouse and industrial facilities Available in Fiberglass and Polycarbonate with lengths: 8′, 10′ and 12′.


  • Made of durable fiberglass
  • Easy to clean, flexible, moisture resistant
  • Easily and safely installed on sidewalls
  • Colors: White (Grandrib 3, Mighti-Rib, Strongrib) and Green (Grandrib 3 and Fabrib)


  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Will not yellow
  • Easily and safely installed on sidewalls
  • Colors: Clear and White (Grandrib 3, Mighti-Rib, Ridge Caps)

Pipe Boots

Complete your project with pipe boots from Fabral. Pipe boots that install easily, won’t crack, allow for expansion, and seal small pipes. Backed by FabralCORE, you know you’ll get the right support.

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Metal base with a dome-shaped boot
  • Provides great value
  • EPDM:  up to 250 degrees F; Silicon:  up to 450 degrees F


Stop condensation with Fabral factory applied CondenStop. Easily and effectively prevent condensation and the problems caused by condensation by installing Fabral panels featuring CondenStop on your next project.


How does it work?

The CondenStop fleece absorbs, stores and releases significant quantities of moisture when condensation would normally occur. When the temperature of a metal roof drops below the dew point, the CondenStop fleece will absorb and store the condensing water vapor. The absorbed water will evaporate again into the ambient air under appropriate temperature and ventilation conditions.

Why is condensation an issue?

When there is a temperature difference between inside and outside a building, condensation can form on the interior of cold metal panels – it is a natural effect.

How long has CondenStop been around?

15 years, and CondenStop is the leader in the market.

What is the life expectancy once applied?

CondenStop is made from durable polyester materials designed to last the life of the metal panels; a wide variety of testing and in-place projects confirms the product’s durability.

Is CondenStop factory applied to metal panels? And is it secure once in application?

Yes, it is factory applied. The adhesion is quite strong and comes with a 20-year no delamination warranty.

What panels come with Condenstop?

Grandrib 3® Plus painted, Grandrib 3® painted and MP Panel painted.

What colors are available?

Light gray is standard.

What is the R Value?

The R-value is minimal, only 0.3691. However, the product’s value comes from its ability to store and release moisture where other materials cannot.

Does the moisture affect the metal?


Can panels be lapped?

Panel side laps are OK because of a factory hold-back, however, panel end laps should be avoided by using full length panels from eave to ridge.

Are there special installation instructions?

Full length panels from eave to ridge are recommended, and eave overhangs should be painted to seal microfibers from absorbing moisture from the outside.

Is the material heavy and does it add a lot of weight to the panels making them difficult to handle in the field?

No, CondenStop is very light, you will hardly notice any weight differential at all.

If CondenStop is used, does the building have to be ventilated?

Yes, a properly ventilated building is still important. CondenStop helps smooth out drying cycles but buildings should still utilize good ventilation practices.

What are the flame retardency properties?

Class I flame retardant per ASTM E84-04.

What are the absorption and drying properties?

CondenStop holds 21 lbs of moisture per 100 square feet. This equates to over 10 quarts of water per 100 square feet.

Will mold grow?

No, the micro fibers of CondenStop do not support mold growth.

Does CondenStop limit sound?

Yes, it reduces noise from outside such as rain as well as absorbing sound from inside the building. Use of CondenStop will yield similar results to that of alternative vapor retarders.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, 20-year no delamination warranty.




  • Saves time and money compared to other vapor barrier products by providing an economical solution for condensation issues
  • Eliminates condensation
  • Protects assets and investments from moisture damage
  • Can be used in place of traditional vapor retarders
  • Adds to interior corrosion protection
  • Light gray color enhances the indoor look of an open framing structure roof


The right fasteners, installed correctly will make the project. Understanding which fasteners are best for which application is critical. Be sure to match the correct screw or fastener option with the appropriate roof or wall system. For more information check with your FabralCore representative.


The #10 fastener is the #1 fastener in the industry and is a proven performer. Not only is it the preferred fastener in the Post Frame Industry but it complements your Fabral projects perfectly. In addition, the #10 fastener:

  • Penetrates metal more quickly with the TYPE-17 POINT
  • Allows for FASTER DRILL TIMES with the Hi Low thread configuration
  • Provides HIGHER pull-out values
  • DE-BURRS metal shards due to the ASTOR THREAD design
  • Features a ¼” hex head

Complete Offering:

#10WoodTite High Low #12 x 3/4 Stitch #10-16 Uitimate WoodTite #10-12 Wafer Head
#10 HL 12-.75 WoodFast 10-16 Ultimate WoodTite 10-12 Wafer Head
  • Use with Dimensional Lumber
  • Available in 1″, 1½”, 2″, 2½” and 3″
  • 1/4″ hex head, EPDM/Metal washer
  • Oxyseal Long-Life Coating
  • Plain and Painted available
  • Use for trim attachment for Horizon S
  • 1/4″ hex head, EPDM/metal washer
  • Painted available
  • Use with ALL panels
  • Available in 1″, 1½” 2″, 2½” and 3″
  • 5/16″ case zinc hex head
  • Hex head & washer all one piece
  • Plain available
  • Use with Horizon S panel
  • Check with engineering department for spacing with OSB or 1/2″ plywood
  • Available in 1″, 1½”, 2″, 2½” and self drillers
  • Available with square drive head
  • Plain available
#14-10 WoodTite #10-14 410 Stainless Steel #9-16 Series Stainless Steel #10-1 Pancake Head
14-10 WoodTite 410 Stainless Steel 300 Series Stainless Steel 10-1 Pancake Head
  • Use to fasten metal to plywood or OSB
  • Use for trim attachment
  • Available in 1″, 1½” and 2″
  • 5/16″ hex head, EPDM/metal washer
  • Oxyseal Long-Life Coating
  • Plain and painted available
  • Use with 26 gauge or thinner to avoid pre-drilling
  • Available in 1″, 1½” and 2″
  • 1/4″ hex head, EPDM/metal washer
  • Use with steel panels installed on treated lumber
  • Use with aluminum
  • Plain and painted available
  • Use for high corrosive environments
  • Use with ALUMINUM panels
  • Available in 1″, 1½” and 2″
  • 1/4″ hex head, EPDM/metal washer
  • Use with treated lumber
  • Plain and painted available
  • Use with 1½” SSR and concealed fastener panels
  • Check with engineering department for spacing with OSB or 1/2″ plywood

Flashing & Trim

Fabral offers a standard package of flashing and trim for a variety of applications. Flashing is factory-formed at 10’ 6” lengths and available in steel and aluminum with coordinating Enduracote finishes and colors. Flat metal sheets are also available when installer fabrication is preferred.

To view a complete offering of trims and trim details, review our online Details Manual – AKA the Blue Book.


EMSEAL is the ideal solution for many sealing needs while providing a total system offering – and Fabral can ship with your next order. Engineered for the harsh open farm environment, EMseal seals a wide range of building joints, seams, pads, flanges and other details found in many different farm structures. Both existing and new structures can benefit from EMSEAL’s unique sealing capabilities.


  • Provides a long-term seal
  • UV-stable
  • Highly resistant to bugs / vermin
  • Will not dry out or become hard and brittle with age
  • Will not extrude from between joints like caulk or butyl tapes
  • Conforms to contours
  • Fills gaps
  • Maintains a seal during thermal expansion
  • and contraction of building panels
  • Excellent compressibility and recovery (min. compression set)
  • Good thermal and sound insulator
  • No shrinkage or failure due to cell breakage
  • Supplied with self-adhesive and anti-stretch scrim on one side
  • Maintenance free. Doesn’t need recaulking


  • Surfaces to be sealed must be clean and dry.
  • To start reel, cut outer liner on marking tape.
  • After removal from packaging, material begins a gradual expansion – slower in cold weather than in hot.
  • Peel release liner to expose mounting adhesive.
  • Position AST over desired location and press to secure.
  • Position other surface to be sealed over AST and secure in place.
  • Within reason, AST will conform to contours and fill gaps and will seal these areas in accordance with the resulting degree of compression achieved (see compression chart on front of sheet.)

Field Formed Panels

Fabral offers field formed panels for projects where the length requirements exceed shipping limits. All field formed panels are roll formed by factory employees and carry manufacturer warranties


Architectural/Commercial Markets

From energy-saving cladding for schools to vibrant enclosure systems for large retail chains, Fabral is a reliable solution for whatever market you’re in.






Modern-day models for education facilities have been designed with Fabral products. As the leading provider of metal for building envelope solutions, Fabral systems have been specified for projects in every commercial building segment. Durable exterior cladding is fitting for schools to tightly seal the building — netting next-level energy efficiency.

Solid Rock Church

Columbus, GA

Utilizing Fabral Silhouette Series HCF 16-4 wall panels in Charcoal and Bright Silver, the walls underwent a transformation both horizontal and vertical installations were employed, resulting in a striking contrast that altered the perception of the panels' colors. Orion Associates opted for Fabral's Powerseam, a robust and high-performing structural standing seam panel designed specifically for roofs, to ensure durability and reliability, and they also used Fabral's Decor Flush Soffit panels to provide proctection and proper ventaliation of the building.

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